Go to the article Hemp seeds in dark wooden bowl isolated on dark brown wood from above. Spilled hemp.
October 13, 2020
Hemp Oil
Anabel Rodríguez in Superfoods

An increasing number of countries are legalising cannabis derivatives for therapeutic uses or as dietary supplements. However, a lot of us are still confused about these different substances and their properties, primarily because of the wide variety of products currently […]

Go to the article 11398089 – camu camu berry fruits (lat. myrciaria dubia) which are grown in the amazon region and have a very high vitamin c content (selective focus, focus on the berries in the middle of the bowl)
October 12, 2020
Romina Cerutti in Superfoods

Camu-Camu is a small bushy riverside tree from the Amazon rainforest in Peru and Brazil. The main claim to fame of this fruit is its concentration of vitamin C, flavonoids (anthocyanins) and carotenoids. Camu-camu’s potent antioxidant action makes it one […]

Go to the article Bright brown capsules with shallow focus
October 12, 2020
Krill Oil
Romina Cerutti in Superfoods

Krill oil is an ideal supplement for those who want to take care of the health of their heart and brain. It is a natural source of Omega-3, which can be taken in the form of oil or capsules. In […]

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