Lactobacillus gasseri is a bacteria found naturally in the gastrointestinal tract of human bodies. This bacteria has an incredible quality: it decreases the absorption of fats, favoring the loss of excess weight. In this article, we will reveal the secrets of this microscopic organism and its usefulness as a probiotic supplement.

Experts agree that weight management is one of the most complicated tasks a person can face. There are individuals who are still unable to lose weight despite doing sports and following a proper diet. This unfair situation can be caused by an unbalanced intestinal flora – read on to find out more!

Key Facts

  • Lactobacillus gasseri is a bacteria that’s present in the intestinal flora a healthy and balanced human organism.
  • Clinical trials with lactobacillus gasseri suggest that the presence of this bacteria may contribute to weight loss and reduced fatty tissue in overweight adults.
  • Consumption of probiotics with lactobacillus gasseri is safe for most people, those with a compromised immune system should exercise caution and consult their family doctor before supplementing this bacteria.

Ranking: The best lactobacillus gasseri supplements on the market

If you choose a probiotic with an insufficient amount of lactobacillus gasseri or with an inactive strain, you have essentially wasted your money. We want to help you choose the product that best suits your needs, so we have developed a “Ranking” with the five best probiotic supplements that include lactobacillus gasseri:

No. 1: Webber Naturals, Probiotic 30 (vegetable capsules)

Probiotic 30 Billion from Webber Naturals contains 8 distinct strains of beneficial bacteria that support a healthy digestive and immune system. Within just one of these probiotic capsules there are 30 billion active cultures ready to cultivate and support the growth of the microflora already present within our intestinal tract.

This critical care formula helps manage digestive discomforts such as gas, bloating, and bowel irregularities. It also helps reduce the incidence of antibiotic-associated diarrhea. These capsules are 100% vegan and vegetarian friendly. Because these powerful probiotics come in such a convenient mode of ingestion, they are perfect for consumers who travel or are constantly on the go.

No. 2: Phi Naturals, Daily Probiotic Supplement (time release capsules)

At Phi Naturals probiotics are made using the highest quality ingredients and most innovative technology to ensure that you receive the results you’re looking for. Each timed release capsule contains 30 billion probiotic CFU’s, which have an extended shelf-life and are resistant to the strong acids present in the stomach.

Within each of these capsules there are 10 different lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains including L acidophilus, L rhamnosus, L salivarius, L casei, L plantarum, L paracasei, L bulgaricus, B lactis, B longus and B breve. The combination of all these strains makes the probiotic even more effective at restoring previously damaged intestinal health and keeping toxins out of the bloodstream.

No. 3: Jamieson, Probiotic Gummies

These probiotic gummies from the Canadian manufacturer are the perfect combination of delicious fruit flavored goodness and natural intestinal medicine. These chewable probiotics are free of gluten, lactose and artificial flavours and preservatives. One billion active cells within one of these chewables help to balance intestinal flora, aid in digestion and promote overall gut health.

Jamieson has gummies that come in three different fruit flavors. It contains natural extracts of pineapple, coconut oil, and brazilian palm tree wax. These gummies are suitable for children ages 3 and up. The manufacturers recommend chewing one gummy daily. Take at least 2-3 hours before of after ingesting other types of antibiotics/antifungals you may already be taking.

No. 4: Nature’s Bounty, Probiotics (capsules)

Nature’s Bounty probiotics contains 2 billion colony forming units per capsule which temporarily modify the gut flora and support a well-balanced digestive system. The active component of this supplement is the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus Acidophilus. This is a friendly bacteria that is already naturally found in the gut.

Increasing the presence of this bacteria in the body has shown to lead to an overall improvement in organ health throughout the whole body. Nature’s Bounty has created a supplement that’s not only convenient, but it also comes in gummy form. Making it perfect for those who dislike swallowing pills whole. This is a supplement recommended only for adults and it can be taken daily.

No. 5: Health Labs Rx, Extra Strength Probiotics (capsules)

This advanced probiotic formula contains 11.5 billion microorganisms from 7 different and potent strains of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. This especially designed formula enhances the body’s natural defense system by way of a healthy gut. It’s been known to provide relief from leaky gut syndrome, nausea, IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, indigestion, acid reflux, gas, diarrhea, constipation, colitis and so much more.

Health Labs Rx has created a probiotic supplement that is safe for men, women and children. It’s especially beneficial to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and it has also be shown to help relieve gas in babies. Within the package comes 60 easily ingestible capsules. Manufacturers recommends taking this probiotic twice a day for optimum results.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about lactobacillus gasseri

lactobacillus gasseri is a bacteria that forms part of the normal microbial flora of every human being. Although it is especially abundant in the human intestine, it also exists in breast milk and other reproductive tissues. Healthy levels of lactobacillus gasseri will benefit your immune system, digestion and metabolism.

Woman eating yogurt

Taking probiotics with Lactobacillus gasseri offers many health benefits.
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What kind of bacteria is lactobacillus gasseri exactly?

Normal microbial flora, or microbiota, refers to the totality of microorganisms found in a naturally healthy person. Unlike pathogenic bacteria, microbiota is beneficial to its host, promoting the development of high immunity, proper metabolic balance, physical and mental well-being.

The intestinal tract has its own microbiota, composed mostly of bacteria of the genus Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. It’s in the digestive system that the microbiota interacts with food, toxins and pathogens. Proper use of supplements of this bacteria will help us avoid infections, abdominal discomfort and increase the bodies capabilities for absorbing nutrients.

Lactobacillus gasseri is part of the intestinal microbiota of all healthy individuals. This bacterium plays an important role in nutrient fermentation, a process in which more complex substances (such as lactose) are transformed into simpler compounds that are easier for the body to process and digest.

What is the difference between lactobacillus gasseri and other bacteria?

The intestinal microbiota as a whole protects the gastrointestinal tract from infection by preventing the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, they facilitate the digestion of certain compounds, helping us avoid swelling and abdominal discomfort. Lactobacillus gasseri has another hypothesized function: assisting in weight loss.

In 2013, a clinical trial of overweight individuals was conducted. Each person was supplemented with lactobacillus gasseri before meals. After twelve weeks of the study, researchers found that these individuals had lost approximately one kilogram of weight without altering their diet or level of physical activity. A promising result, to say the least.

The role played by the rest of the microbiota in the reduction of body mass is still being determined. In the table below, you can compare the similarities and differences between lactobacillus gasseri and the two most popular probiotics, the well-known Lactobacillus casei and “active Bifidus” (whose scientific name is Bifidobacterium animalis):

Lactobacillus gasseri Lactobacillus casei Bifidobacterium animalis
Protection agains infections Yes (stimulates immunity) Yes (stimulates immunity) Yes (stimulates immunity)
Vitamin production Possible (B12) Possible (group B vitamins) Yes (B vitamins and vitamin K)
Aid in digestion Yes (fermentation) Yes (fermentation) Yes (fermentation)
Prevention of constipation Yes Yes Yes
Weight loss Possible (reduced fat absorption and reduced size of fat cells) Under study Under study
LDL cholesterol lowering Under study Unknown Unknown
Other effects (under study) Prevention of insomnia, treatment of endometriosis, improvement of anxious and depressive symptoms. Treatment of ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, gastroenteritis, lactose intolerance, inflammatory bowel disease. Reduction of respiratory infections, decreased crying and discomfort in infants, relief of eczema.

What are the benefits lactobacillus gasseri?

lactobacillus gasseri favors the correct development of homeostasis (processes that contributes to maintain a healthy balance in the body). Although this bacterium is mainly located in the digestive tract, its effects will have repercussions that spread throughout the entire body. In the following list you’ll find its possible benefits:

  • Improvement of digestive processes
  • Relief of intestinal discomfort
  • Improved blood quality
  • Improvement of constipation and diarrhea
  • Reduction in the abdominal perimeter
  • Weight loss
  • Reduction of fat absorption
  • Reduction of LDL cholesterol levels
  • Decrease in the size of adipocytes (cells that store fat)
  • Insomnia Relief
  • Alleviation of anxious and depressive symptoms
  • Production of vitamins, such as B12
  • Protection against viral and bacterial infections
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Reducing the abdominal perimeter and lowering the “bad” or LDL cholesterol are possible beneficial consequences of Lactobacillus gasseri.
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It is true that many of these supposed benefits need to be confirmed by clinical trials of greater scientific rigor. However, the first results obtained show very promising results. So much so that it is now possible to purchase lactobacillus gasseri in this country under approved use as a probiotic.

What are the possible reasons for having low levels of lactobacillus gasseri?

A poor intestinal microbiota has been found in people who are under chronic stress. If an inadequate diet (rich in saturated fats, sugars and refined carbohydrates) is added to the equation, the levels of healthy intestinal flora, including lactobacillus gasseri, will be negatively affected.

Many times, people who try to lose weight replace the refined sugars in their diet with sweeteners (such as sucrose). Continued use of these substances has been associated with a decrease in healthy microbiota (such as lactobacillus gasseri) followed by increased proliferation of harmful bacteria.

Granola and yoghurt

Lactobacillus gasseri is a healthy microbiota.
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What symptoms produce low levels of lactobacillus gasseri?

Lactobacillus gasseri is an essential component of a healthy intestinal flora. If these beneficial microorganisms die and disappear, a series of undesirable effects will begin to occur. In the list below, you can see the most common symptoms that could appear if the intestinal microbiota suffers some type of damage:

  • Diarrea
  • Stuffiness
  • Frequent flatulences
  • Foul-smelling stools
  • Heavy digestions
  • Weight gain
  • Abdominal perimeter increase
  • Increased LDL cholesterol levels
  • More frequent infections of the digestive tract
  • Anxious or depressive symptoms
  • Insomnia
  • Vulvovaginal infections (such as candidiasis)

Remember that the intestinal microbiota (including lactobacillus gasseri) plays a key role in maintaining the health of the entire body. Their actions however are not limited to the intestinal tract. Incredible as it may seem, these bacteria can affect our stress tolerance and behavior.

How can I increase my levels of lactobacillus gasseri?

It has been shown that lactobacillus gasseri is transmitted from mother to child through breastfeeding. Later on in life, it’s necessary for the body to preserve this beneficial bacteria by maintaining adequate dietary and hygienic routines. In the following list we summarize the simplest ways to increase or preserve your levels of L. gasseri:

  • Diet: A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole-grain foods will promote the balanced growth of the microbiota.
  • Fermented Foods: Yogurt, kefir, miso, kimchi and other fermented foods contain probiotic microorganisms. Their consumption will boost the development of your intestinal flora.
  • Sport: Physical activity is an essential element to any healthy lifestyle. By lowering our stress levels and regulating metabolism, it allows for the growth of lactobacillus gasseri.
  • Stress management: It is essential to regulate stress (through meditation, sport or therapy) to keep our intestinal flora in good condition.
  • Limit the use of sweeteners: Compounds such as sucrose or xylitol, very present in countless food products, can be harmful to our microbiota.
  • Use antibiotics only under medical prescription: The indiscriminate use of antibiotics destroys our intestinal flora, degrading the immunity of our digestive system, paving the way for the invasion of pathogenic bacteria.
Yogurt with strawberries

Consumption of fermented foods, such as yoghurt, will contribute to the growth of Lactobacillus gasseri in our gastrointestinal tract.
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If you are constantly under stress or have followed an inadequate diet for a long period of time, you may have eliminated all the natural colonies of lactobacillus gasseri from your body. In that case, a probiotic can be very useful in “repopulating” your intestinal flora.

How does one define a probiotic such as lactobacillus gasseri?

When we speak of a “probiotic” we refer to a supplement that contains live microorganisms that are beneficial to our physiology (generally of the genus Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium). We should not confuse them with “prebiotics”, or inert substances that promote the growth of healthy bacteria.

Not all bacteria are suitable for use as probiotics. When a microorganism with potentially beneficial properties for the human body is found, it must first be studied and proven to meet a number of criteria before it can be administered as a probiotic supplement:

  • Safety: The bacteria cannot be harmful to humans. Cannot cause undesirable effects.
  • Vitality: A large portion of the microorganisms must survive the packaging and distribution process.
  • Survival: At least 50% of bacteria must survive the highly acidic environment of gastric juices.
  • Stability: Packaged microorganisms must remain alive up to the expiration date.
  • Adequate strain: It is not enough to include the species of the microorganism, but a strain with demonstrated benefits should be used. Experts suggest specifying which specific strain type(s) have been used. For example, L. gasseri BNR17.
  • Scientific evidence: There must be human clinical trials demonstrating the effectiveness of the supplement.
  • Labelling: Product labelling should provide legible and understandable information about the probiotic.

Lactobacillus gasseri meets all of the previously mentioned criteria, making these probiotic products a viable option when seeking out valuable encapsulated microorganisms. Thanks to their high resistance against gastric acids and heat, there’s not doubt they will successfully reach your gastrointestinal tract alive, ready to exert their healing effects.

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How do I take a probiotic with lactobacillus gasseri?

Each manufacturer is obliged to provide clear instructions on how and when to use its probiotics. As a reference however, we recommend that you take your probiotic half an hour before meals to take full advantage of its digestive benefits and reduction in lipid absorption.

If you follow any sort of antibiotic treatment, you should give yourself a decent amount of time between ingestion of the antibiotic and ingestion of the probiotic. Try to take your lactobacillus gasseri supplement a minimum of two hours before or after your antibiotic, to prevent it from rendering your antibiotic or probiotic useless. This happens by way of the antibiotics bactericidal properties.

Bacteria in the human body

Not all bacteria are “bad”, there are many bacteria beneficial and necessary to our health.
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The “dose” of probiotic is measured, in this case, in Colony Forming Units (CFU). This is a measure of the number of cells available in each capsule. In studies with lactobacillus gasseri 1010 CFU (ten billion) per capsule were used. Six L. gasseri capsules were administered daily. This equates to sixty billion cells!

What are the contradicting effects of probiotics that contain lactobacillus gasseri?

After administering such high doses of lactobacillus gasseri without adverse effects, it is possible to state that this probiotic is safe for human consumption. However, there are certain people with special circumstances who should consult their doctor before using this probiotic:

  • Immunosuppressed individuals (such as AIDS patients or transplant recipients) have a weakened immune system. Due to this fact, probiotics could trigger unwanted infections.
  • Children’s immune systems are still in developmental stages, which may lead to adverse reactions upon ingestions of a probiotic. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a specialist before administering this microorganism to children under 15 years of age.
  • There is not enough data to confirm the safety of this probiotic in pregnant and lactating women. It is therefore recommended that these women refrain from consuming this probiotic.

As you can see, with only a few exceptions, it is very safe to use a probiotic with lactobacillus gasseri. Mild side effects (such as flatulence and upset stomach) were reported in some studies and appeared only at the beginning of treatment. All of which was resolved after a few weeks of continued probiotic use.


Lactobacillus gasseri is a microorganism that lives in symbiosis with its human host. However, if the immune system fails, this bacteria can cause serious infections.

Who can benefit from a probiotic supplement that contains lactobacillus gasseri?

Overweight people who follow diets rich in refined sugars or sweeteners will benefit most from a supplement containing lactobacillus gasseri. However, this microorganism is useful for treating many other symptoms as well. Consider using this probiotic if, in addition to excess weight, you suffer from:

  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Asthma
  • Stuffiness
  • Diarrea
  • Helicobacter pylori infection
  • High LDL cholesterol
  • Endometriosis
  • Menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea)

Note that lactobacillus gasseri is often obtained from dairy crops. If you are lactose intolerant, be sure to choose a probiotic free of proteins or sugars from milk. There are probiotics specially formulated for vegans and vegetarians, free of animal products.

How much do probiotics that contain lactobacillus gasseri cost?

The price of probiotics from lactobacillus gasseri is can vary slightly, ranging from 12 to 25 dollars. There are several factors that can have an influence on the cost of the supplement: the reputation and brand name of the manufacturer, the quality of the packaging, the addition of other compounds (zinc, magnesium, plant extracts) and the use of exclusive bacterial strains.

Supplements that include other bacterial species (e.g. Lactobacillus acidophilus) tend to be set at a higher price. If you want an overall boost of intestinal homeostasis, it is advisable to invest in a supplement with varying strains and bacterial species. In this way, we can replenish the intestinal flora in a more well-rounded way.

Purchase Criteria

Finding the most suitable probiotic of lactobacillus gasseri for us is not as easy as it may seem. There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a product that could be really useful to your health. We recommend paying attention to the following variables:

  • Vegan or vegetarian diet
  • Intolerances and allergies
  • Bacterial strains
  • Packaging and preservation
  • Quantity of CFU
  • Value for your money

Vegan or vegetarian diet

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you should be especially careful when purchasing a probiotic with lactobacillus gasseri. Probiotics manufacturers often use milk or its derivatives to “cultivate” these microorganisms. Choose an item with a seal or stamp confirming the validity of its claims of being a vegan product. This is extremely important if you want to avoid consuming animal byproducts.

Even if your probiotic (composed of microorganisms and other substances, such as zinc or calcium) does not contain animal products, it may not be suitable for vegans. This is often due to the fact that it is packaged in a gelatin capsule. Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, the coating gelatine almost always contains collagen of bovine or porcine origin.

Yellow capsules

Soft gelatine capsules are generally made from collagen of bovine or porcine origin. Not suitable for vegans.
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Intolerances and allergies

If you are allergic or intolerant to lactose, gluten, fish, shellfish or nuts, carefully examine the label on your probiotic of lactobacillus gasseri supplement. If you have doubts about the composition of a product, consult your doctor or pharmacist before using it for the first time.

Bacterial strains

Did you know that there is no “unique” lactobacillus gasseri bacteria? These bacteria are susceptible to mutations that give them special characteristics. Experts classify microorganisms with similar properties into groups called strains. In the following table you can find information about the best known strains and their functions:

Strain Primary Function
BNR17 Decrease in weight and fatty tissue.
CP2305 Relief of constipation and diarrhea. Better quality of sleep and reduction in symptoms of anxiety.
SBT2055 Reduction of abdominal circumference. Immune reinforcement.
OLL2809 Relief of menstrual cramps.
LBV150 Prevention of vulvovaginal infections (e.g. candidiasis).

If you’re looking to strengthen your intestinal flora, any strain of lactobacillus gasseri will help you get the job done. However, if you are looking for a more specific result (such as a reduction in your waistline) it is our suggestion that you opt for a product that has been shown to target your specific needs in this case it would the most useful strains would be BNR17 or SBT2055.

Packaging and preservation

Since probiotic products are made up of live cell cultures, you should keep in mind and pay close attention to the expiration date of your probiotic. If the product has been expired for more than three months, you can be sure that all the bacteria within these expired products are inactive. Ingesting millions of dead Lactobacillus gasseri won’t do you any good!

Maintaining the integrity of the product of choice will help you ensure the effectiveness the probiotic cultures for as long as possible. Although each manufacturer attaches specific storage instructions, experts recommend storing probiotics in the refrigerator. Lower temperatures help slow and delay the death of the lactobacillus gasseri cultures.

Dr. Laurie SteelsmithNaturopath Doctor

“Although some brands insist that their probiotic supplements can be stored at room temperature, remember that probiotics are made up of living microorganisms. Therefore, they will survive longer if kept at low temperatures or in the refrigerator.”

Quantity of CFU

If you don’t have any type of immunodeficiencies, it’s probably a good idea to choose a probiotic with a high CFU (10-15 billion). Please note that many of these bacteria will die during transportation and delivery processes. By packing a high quantity of the bacteria in each capsule, the desired effect will still be obtained despite the loss of a few of these bacteria.


Ingesting lactobacillus gasseri with very hot beverages or coffee is not recommended. Keep in mind that high temperatures will easily destroy these microorganisms!

Value for your money

In general, containers of lactobacillus gasseri contain fifteen or thirty capsules. The effects of probiotic supplementation begin to appear after one month of continuous treatment. Make sure you choose a product that has around 30 capsules per package, it may not seem like it at first, but in the long run, this will be the cheaper option.

Remember that these supplements lose their effectiveness over time, for this reason, we advice against purchasing “discount” or “bulk” options of these supplements. Moreover, if after one month of treatment you continue to suffer abdominal discomfort and experience difficulty losing weight, make an appointment with your family doctor to rule out any other more serious pathologies.

Karine ClementNutritionist

“In some populations, such as those in the United States, the degradation of the intestinal microbiota begins to occur as early as the first moments of life, i.e. before toddlerhood. The use of probiotics can reverse and prevent the negative consequences of this degradation.”


Lactobacillus gasseri is a bacterium that forms part of the intestinal flora in the guts of healthy people. This microorganism protects against infections while stimulating a healthy immune system and promoting good digestion. It has also helped promote weight loss in people with a high BMI – adding a supplement of this probiotic could help you shed those extra pounds!

Don’t forget that probiotics are living cells, which require careful preservation in order to keep them alive. Don’t worry, their amazing benefits will make any efforts truly worth your while. We hope that the information in this article will allow you to get the most out of lactobacillus gasseri supplement and that we were able to answer all your questions.

If you found this article on lactobacillus gasseri useful, please leave us a comment with your thoughts and share it your loved ones!

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